Cheon, Monica  Kyong ae

                  1953          Born in Daegu Korea

                  1972          Graduated from Kyongbuk Gils High School

                  1976           Bachelor of English Literature Degree at Keimyung University

                  1977-1978  Taught English in Hanil Girl's High School



One-Man     2016     Music Video Show For 2016 Xmas  Nov. Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea

                                 Peace One Day with Photographer Monica Cheon Oct. Seoul

                                 Music Video Show  Healing Concert with Photographer Monica Cheon Mar.Seoul

                                 Music Video Show  Family Concert with Photographer Monica Cheon Mar.Seoul

                    2014    Thirsty Land   Daegu Photo Biennale ַ Ѹ ƮǾ (Daegu)

                    2011     Mask, Unmask  ( IMACO, Bali, Indonesia)

                    2010     Mask, Unmask  Ż Ż (Opening Event of Andong Culture & Art center,Andong)

                    2009     Humus   Shinhan Art Hall (Seoul)

                 2007    Thirsty Land    Catholic Art Gallery (Seoul)

                    2006    Thirsty Land    St. Maria Hospital Gallery (Uijeongbu)

                               Thirsty Land    Sun Contemporary Gallery (Seoul)

                    2002    Landscape, City Peeping   Sagan Gallery (Seoul)

                          Landscape, City Peeping    Art Yard Gallery (Chuncheon)


Two-persons  2008  As above, as below,  As within, as without    Gallery Xpose (N.J. U.S.A.)


Group          2016   Music Video Classic Voyage1 with Yun Chul Hee Solgaram Art Hall Paju, Kyung Gi, Korea

                    2014    '̼б: żǰ 2012' ̼, õ

                                 2012 New Acquistions - National Museum of Mordern and Contemporary Art,Korea

                    2010    Chaotic Harmony    Santa Barbara Museum of Art  U.S.A.

                    2009    Chaotic Harmony    Museum of Fine Arts, Houston U.S.A.

                           Seoul Photo 2009 (Seoul)

                   2008     Humanscape   Seoul International Photography Festival 

                                 SIPA(Seoul International Print,Photo Art Fair)

                                 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair)

                    2005      Nude  Sun Contemporary Gallery (Seoul)

                    1995      Flower  Lotte Gallery (Seoul)


Publication 2013    2012 żǰ New Acquistions

                    2012     FotoFest 2012 Biennial -Fine Print Auction

                    2010     'Participating Space' FotoFest 2010, Houston)

                    2009     'Chaotic Harmony' Yale University Press, U.S.A.

                    2008     ' Humanscape'' Seoul Int.. Photography Festival. Seoul Korea


Award         2007     Lucie Award


Activities   2016     Steering Committee  2016 Daegu Photo Biennale


Photobook 2011 Mask, Unmask English Edition The Center of Visual Art Boda

                 2010  Mask, Unmask  (Ż, Ż) Beebong Publishing Co. Seoul Korea

                 2009  Humus  Beebong Publishing Co. Seoul Korea

                      2006   Thirsty Land  () Youlhwadang Publisher. Paju Korea


Public CollectionP

                    National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Korea (̼)

                    Andong City (50 pieces)

                    The Museum of  Fine Art, Houston  U.S.A.

                    Order of St. Benedict Waegwan Abbey (38 pieces)

                    Order of Benedict Ottilien Abbey, Germany

                    Order of Munsterschwarxach Abbey, Germany          

                    Seoul Central District Court

                    Korea Exchange Bank